Mission Statement

I've been going to Nepal for over twenty years and when I am there, I often see amazing scarves and knits at the suppliers. There might be only one piece sitting in a stock room and I have to leave it behind because there is nothing we can do with it. This is no longer the case. We are launching something new, which we think, given the current economic climate, you are going to love!

We are going to be bring you these pieces, handpicked by me and all made of the same highest quality cashmere. Given that we will be utilising overstock, the stock willl be limited and sizing may be broken, but this will be reflected in the price.

We promise you that everything we sell, will be of the same high quality cashmere we use and everything will have been chosen and checked by us. There will be many hidden treasures and we hope that you will enjoy finding them. This will not affect our main line of designer knits which will continue as you expect - this is more of an opportunity to use our know how and experience to bring you something fresh.

These half roll neck sweaters are our first capsule. A great basic sweater, made of very high quality yarn, these are simple and worthwhile buy.